Equal Opportunity Pricing: Why We Offer Heavy Discounts but Don't Negotiate

Every now and again we get customers emailing us to ask if they can have a discount... and saying yes seems like a no-brainer. They're telling us they want our product, they're telling us a price they would pay, and as a small business every customer matters.

However, that's exactly why we don't give discounts to people who ask for them.

Every customer matters - including our existing customers. At Profile Hopper, we want to be able to look our existing customers in the eye and tell them we've been completely fair. By necessity that means we need simple and transparent pricing - which is something we respect in other companies (such as Atlassian).

So how do discounts fit into this?

Well, as a small startup Harry and I are the sales-team. We're also the dev team, the marketing team, the customer support team, and the UX team. We need to be efficient with all areas of our business, and when customers are deliberate and decisive that helps us immensely.

We use discounts to reward decisiveness. When people sign up for a Profile Hopper free trial, we know they already want to explore and understand Profile Hopper, but it might not be their top priority (with a business to run, they probably have hundreds of other items in their to-do list as well).

The risk is that they'll sign up for a free trial of Profile Hopper, but won't get round to making a decision about whether to subscribe or not during their trial. Profile Hopper will take a backseat and we'll need to chase them up... and after much back-and-forth they'll eventually decide whether to subscribe or not.

It's not efficient at all!

By offering a time-sensitive discount, trialling Profile Hopper becomes a higher priority and this inefficiency is massively reduced. That's why if you subscribe to Profile Hopper within 3 days of starting your free trial, we'll give you a 50% discount forever. This reduces to a 40% discount if you subscribe within the first 14 days.

We offer this to everyone, regardless of where they've been referred from, or whether they emailed us to ask for a special offer, or who they are. That's what we mean by "equal opportunity pricing" - all of our customers are offered the same price structure, and we're completely transparent about this.

We also offer discounts to early adopters. As an early adopter you're instrumental to our growth - and not just as a subscriber; you also tell your friends and write blog posts about us, and you help us craft the future of Profile Hopper too with feedback and new feature suggestions.

We think it's only fair that we honour the price you subscribe with forever. That's why if you subscribe to Profile Hopper now, you'll get at least a 30% discount as an early adopter (even if you subscribe after 14 days).

Thanks for reading - we hope this post has explained the thinking behind our pricing structure and that you find Profile Hopper to be good value for your business. As ever we're more than happy to answer questions!

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